Dads and Grannies?
Answer  Dads and Grannies are welcome to accompany baby in the water or toddler to their lesson.

Missed lesson? 
Answer  sms to advise. Missed lessons are forfeited unless due to consecutive illness. Lessons will be made up only at the discretion of the swim school.

Late arrival?Answer – Unfortunately, the lesson will be shortened. Consideration to other clients as well as yourself is always important.

Notice period?
Answer – One month

If my child is ill with minor illness?
Answer – If no fever or contagious condition is evident your child may swim.

Time to arrive?
Answer  1st lesson, get here 15 minutes before the start of your childs lesson.  This will orientate your child with the environment and give them a chance to see another child enjoying their lesson. You will also need to fill out a registration/consent form for your child. Thereafter 5 minutes before the lesson is sufficient.

Costume and other requirements?
Answer  – toddlers -UV all in one, sun-suits,  are most comfortable for the children or any other fitting costume (no baggy shorts).Cap, goggles and towel. I do sell lycra swimming caps.

Babies  swimming nappies, (little swimmers or a fabric swimming nappy). UV all in one sun -suit. I do sell custom made lycra swimming nappies. Towel.  Always remember to bring along an additional normal nappy. Parents  comfortable costume and towel.

How long before my child will be able to swim or be water safe?
As children develop at different rates and learn differently according to their age, ability, concentration and co-ordination, progress is assessed individually. Swimming is however achieved in relation to the regularity and consistency of lessons. Encouragement is necessary but always bear in mind  that force is not conducive to the swimming environment. Children will take to water more easily if allowed to progress at their own pace with encouragement.

Payment is in advance of each month, preferably via eft or cash in an envelope provided to be posted in the payment box outside the change rooms.

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